Came across this in today’s New York Times.

You know how you’re always like “damn, if only i had time to click on that awesome banner ad! If only there were some way I could save it and enjoy it later”.

Problem solved my friends!

5 responses to “Hmmmm…

  1. This strikes me similarly to DVR-ing a root canal.

  2. If we made entertaining enough I think people would.

    But everyone seems to have given up on the poor 468×60 because they want to be all social. There’s a major craft in getting a message into that small space in an entertaining way. I still believe in great online ads. There was some gems in the past but unfortunately it’s a dying craft. I still check daily though.

    • ciara,

      i think the fundamental problem ciara is that online advertising has degenerated into an annoying mess. a cheap afterthought.

      and the banner ad medium offers slender creative possibilities. like radio it’s a limited medium. there will be exceptions of course.

  3. Most advertising is endured and suffered through. Trust me we do not want advertising even though we like shopping. It is annoying and the Ad Industry has conned brands into thinking we like ads. No we like content. Yes I will look at the Sunday circulars and yes I will see TV commercials because we kind of made a pact to do so even if we don’t pay attention. But people do not want ads on the computer (I block ALL OF THEM) and we don’t want to interact with Brands via Social Media (been a bigger failure than Digital) .

    The problem is Marketers are suckers. They are the biggest suckers I have ever met. They sucker each other. The stuff I see and read and hear blows my freaking mind. Remember IAd was supposed to save Print and be so cool we just had to click. Now articles talk about it being a huge bust.

    There are some exceptions. We do buy Print Magazines Just For Ads! Vogue. GQ. Architecture Digest. and some we buy for content and Ads like Travel Magazines and Cooking/Wine etc.

  4. I forgot Vinny! Vermont! Billboards are outlawed 100%. It is amazing.

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