Latest Escape Pod work for new client Herculiner.

Herculiner is a do it yourself pickup truck bed liner.

You coat the back of your truck with the product and it creates a scratch proof lining that provides great traction in the back.

Lining your own truck bed will typically save you about $400 vs having it done at a car dealership. And all you’re really doing is essentially painting the back of your truck. Even I could do this! I suspect strongly.

So what we have here is a product that is a fundamentally good idea.
And one that naturally lends itself to dramatic demonstration of its efficacy.

So that is exactly what we did.

To demonstrate how resilient Herculiner is we dropped a stuntman clad in a suit of metal armour into the back of a truck and sped off around an off-road track. Our stuntman banging around in the back of the truck as it went.

Our stuntman/actor Shark, yes that’s his real name, was a trouper and a bona fide tough guy.

He spent an entire day wearing 200 pounds of metal in the blazing Calfiornia desert sun.

He even got a split lip for his trouble. You can see where he got it in the spot. It’s the bit where he bounces up into the air and lands on his face as the truck hit a bump

Well done Shark! Hope to work with you again. Thanks man.

The spot was directed by Brad Demarea and edited by Graham Metzger at Hootenanny. Big thanks to Nicholas Simon and all at SMACS productions for pulling all this together so fast and so reasonably. Top job sirs!

We couldn’t be happier with this spot. Everything lined up perfectly on this one.

Kudos to Escape Pod media maven Matt Johnson for having the idea of putting a guy in a suit of armour in the back of a truck. And thanks also to Escape Pod producer Kent Kwiatt for suggesting sending him around an off-road track.

And thanks to Herculiner clients Susan Sperling and Brian Bohlander for immediately recognizing the value in this idea and for being such great sports on the shoot.

Fun was had to say the least.

As it should be!

10 responses to “Latest Escape Pod work for new client Herculiner.

  1. That is an advertisement.

    Congrats. not seen anyone create one of those in a while.

    v funny.

  2. glad you like it gout legs. it was a lot of fun to very nakedly sell something. and our stuntman just cracks me up. he reminded me of the late great Warren Oates.

  3. Well done gents.
    I’m with Mr. Legs, a proper piece of advertisement communication.
    I love the VO guy too – you couldn’t find anyone with a more deep, manly voice, no?

    • thanks vic. we found him in the woods of canada. that’s how manly he is. we were going for that 1970s american movie trailer manly voice. “Charles Bronson is…Mr. Majestyk!”

  4. other ideas for executions:

    -bloke launching a self made rocket into the atmosphere from the back of his truck
    -michael flatley performing lord of the dance
    -filling the flat bed with coal and using it as a bbq grill (the mobile bbq)

  5. hah hah! vik. love the guy launching a rocket wile e. coyote style.

  6. I think I may paint my entire Volkswagen with this stuff. No more parking-lot nicks!

  7. Feel free to use it Vinny.

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