An interview with Eric the awesome resume writer from

As you may know we are big fans of Eric’s resume. So much so that we tracked him down and talked to him. We’d like to work with Eric. He seems interesting!

Anyway, here is everything you need and want to know about Eric.

1. Tell us about the resume and how it ended up on reddit.

My resume was basically the equivalent of Michael Douglas in “Falling Down” but with more jokes and less angry gunplay. I basically got sick of my regular resume getting put into a pile of paper like a rain drop in the ocean. I wrote it to amuse myself. The first one I handed out wearing sweatpants…and it got me a job. The second one I handed out was posted on Reddit by a restaurant (The Schnitzel House) owner’s son. He called me that night to tell me that it made the front page.

2. As you know, I think your resume is hilarious. But is this a flash in the pan? Is there more evidence of Eric’s awesomeness out there?
The question that must be asked. Nope. Not an F in the P. I daydream incessantly. One time I drew two of my thoughts then commissioned an aquaintance to draw them with more skillfully.My buddy Sean and I then made t-shirts out of them and sold them. Here they are: (attached) (increase is the letters from sean and eric mixed up) I have many, many equivalent imaginings every single day. Oh and here’s a video I got in shit for at school (teacher hated it, class liked it) : ps. I’m the dude with the “heartbreakers” and the other guy is Sean.
3. You said on the phone that you are half-English, half-Mohawk. I find that interesting. How does this unique mix manifest itself, if at all? I’m Irish, so I already half-like you. ;-)
Well I find myself craving raw meat, sometimes I can tell what’s going to happen before it happens, and sometimes I can feel what people are thinking. It comes in flashes. I think that there are some extra insinctual factors that may be more prominent in some native peoples. As far as the two sides of my family go; they both spend a lot of time laughing. Humor is a huge part of life for us. I also have very sharp k9’s.

4. You are funny and from Canada. There’s a lot of that. I think Canada is like America’s comedy goldmine in their back yard. I am a huge John Candy fan. And the trailer park guys are hilarious. Who/what is your favorite Canadian comedian/TV show?
I laughed til I cried the other day when that bowling ball fell off the closet shelf and hit Uncle buck in the head. Ok..I guess I grew up in the good old 80’s watching a lot of Steve Martin. He has a certain brand of disdain that pours out through his eyes. I saw some act when I was a kid and he had that arrow through his head. I wanted to do stand-up. Still do. But more recently I was won over by Zack Galifanakis in that “Just Three Boys” skit on Funny or Die. Next level shit.

5. Tell us a bit about yourself. What’s up with Eric?

My name is Eric Dann, I live in Victoria B.C. When I was a kid I was aware of how much pleasure there was in the the way my mind worked. I vowed I would never forget what it was like. I paint water colors. I burp and fart excessively. I live with my younger brother and a Friend we call the Manatee. My brother and I play a game called “smell my blank” (It used to be called “smell my finger” but it was too limiting). It usually ends in dry heaving. I spend as much time by the ocean as I can and I have mucho fun. I’ve been working with youth in social work type jobs as well as labouring. I am in now in the process of trying to use my imagination and my mind for a living. Wish me luck.

6. One reason I loved your resume is that the resume is such a rigidly formatted form yet your resume was completely fresh within those constraints. Did you just bang it out in one go or did it take a while?

It took 15-20 minutes. It was a rainy, shitty day. I had been pounding the pavement, broke, discouraged (and frumpy) so I did it to cheer myself up. It was like my favorite scene in my favorite movie, “UHF” where Michael Richards says: “These floors are dirty and I’m not gonna take it any more!” That scene literally makes me shed a tear.

7. Be truthful now, was the whole thing just a gag or is this seriously the resume du Eric?

I made that resume myself and I handed out a couple dozen to various establishments in person. I got a kick out of people’s comments on various sites that didn’t believe it was real. I guess they can’t fathom that someone would have the gusto to hand that out. That’s fine, I guess they forgot about Neverland. I assure you, It’s real.

8. As you know I DMed the person who posted your resume and expressed an interest in hiring you. Who was this person?

I’ve never met him. I talked to him on the phone that first night when he called me. I think I owe him a giant thank you for putting my resume out there. It never would have occurred to me. I wanted a job. I’m going to bring a thank you gift to the Schnitzel House for him. I don’t even know his name.

9. Do you actually have any interest in advertising as a job? That was a presumption on my part.

A job in advertising is all I’ve been able to think about since I spoke with you on the phone Vinny. It was very refreshing to be appreciated proffessionally. Creativity is my forte and I’m just getting started.

10. Have you had any other feedback from your awesome resume being on the front page of I can tell you from my blog stats that you are getting searched for on google quite a bit.

I think that it’s hard for people to contact me because my personal info is blocked out on the resume. So here you go people I’m open to offers to harvest my brain (or whatever)

5 responses to “An interview with Eric the awesome resume writer from

  1. Nico Akkerman

    So, did you hire him?

    If not at least put him in an ad

  2. Vinny,
    I once got a similar resume when I was searching for another copywriter at my agency. It was funny and fresh and referenced his cat, and stood out so completely from all the blah-blah-blah resumes I had received. I interviewed the guy, hired him, became his mentor and now he has gone on to bigger and better things. And he’s a top-notch talent. Personality will win out.

  3. I once sent my resume stencilled onto the back of a small, homeless gentleman I found wandering aimlessly around the local park. I equipped him with a transistor radio and the lyrics to a short ditty I wrote with the instruction to sing it to the most important looking person he came across.
    It went like this:
    “If you want to know who to hire. And a creative genius is your desire. You’ll someone with belly full of fire. Well here he is and I’m no liar.”
    He was then to remove his coat to reveal a smiling picture of my good self giving the thumbs up with one hand and holding a card with my salary expectations in the other.
    Do you know what happened? I’ll tell you what happened. I got arrested is what happened.
    Go figure!

  4. “You’ll want someone with a belly full of fire”
    Proof read. Proof read. Proof read.

  5. I just have one question. Will he get you to dry heave in the office daily. If he can do that hire him. Guaranteed winner!

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