This is the best cat food ad ever

Top five for sure.  this is good film making.   and great psychology.  love this one.

15 responses to “This is the best cat food ad ever

  1. Excellent.

    • i’m waiting for the too cool for school crowd to chime in Angus! every girl i show this to cries when they see it. this isn’t just a good ad for cat food, it’s a good ad for getting a cat. and feeding it Fancy Feast.

  2. As always, story wins out.

  3. There’s no way this can possibly work, Vinny – there’s no iPhone app.


  4. If this was a British ad the guy would be allergic to cats or the cat would turn against the guy for some reason and she’d dump him in favour of her moggy.

    • i know bentos. i love that this ad is so devoid of irony and lame attempted comedy. this ad makes women cry. something i can only do if they marry me ;-)

  5. hmm, nice storytelling, but the music is on the limit of being cheasy, no?

    • certainly tommy. the whole thing is precariously close to being cheesy. and i wasn’t crazy about the actress’s performance either. but so what?

      it achieves an actual effect that very few ads (cheesy or not) ever achieve: an emotional reaction to a well told story.

      I should point out that i first saw this ad while judging a national US ad awards show. and i’m guessing it didn’t get far because it wasn’t “cool”. but it was easily in my top five. there’s nothing wrong with emotion and/or sentiment. but ad folks are frequently uncomfortable with these things.


      Because they’re pussies!


  6. Reading this post makes me happy.

    I know that sounds like comment spam, but it’s true.

    • glad you like it Vic. Or is that Vicspambot?

      keep reading! I like some of the points you make. interesting. ;-)

  7. No.



    Come on Vic, you’re just being nice, desperately biting your tongue, trying not to scream “F**k me that’s the gayest (happy not homophobic) ad I’ve ever seen!”

    Vinny, you’ve officially been in the USA too long.

    And you know it! You don’t need to be too cool for school to hate this ad; everybody in it and everything about it.

    Each to their own though, eh?

    And now I feel bad…

    It’s lovely…

    You’re lovely.


  8. Stan, this ad makes women cry when they see it. you’re going to argue with that? really?

    stylistically it isn’t my cup of tea either. but who cares what i think? i don’t.

    that’s a bloody good ad. the fact that it doesn’t conform to advertising’s puerile (ie, male) notion of “cool” doesn’t change that one bit.

    it’s aimed at women who own cats for god’s sake!!!

  9. Okay.
    Just watched it again and I’m still smiling.
    Not because it’s good though.
    I just love the fact you love this ad.
    You’re a good man.
    And you’re right. I’m probably not the target market.
    It’s spot on for the cat women.
    Hold on though. I love cats. They’re my favourite of all the animals.
    But you’re right again, I’m not going to argue with a crying woman.

    All the best,


  10. Ah Stan,

    I knew i’d win you over!

    this just works. like Miley Cyrus works. like the Big Mac works. like Shania Twain works.

    and if something works, i generally tell myself “STOP! Let’s go to the pub”

    a win is a win!

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