Always a bit strange coming back from an intense TV shoot.

And they’re all a bit tense.

They should be.

Shooting film doesn’t get THAT MUCH easier with experience.

It’s always a bitch of a struggle every time.

I sometimes think of it like landing a plane.

Except the control buttons have been fiendishly re-arranged each time you land the plane!

So there’s a bit of panic each time.

But adrenaline is good.

Because no matter how much you prepare, there will be unforeseen problems that mess with your original vision.

And if you’re smart you’ll adapt your idea to the shooting conditions.

Because you can’t go back and reshoot it.

Shooting film is expensive!

Go with the flow.


Easier said than done.

But that’s the challenge.

That’s the real skill really.

Relaxing when every signal says you should panic.

Welcome to Hollywood!

2 responses to “BACK FROM A SHOOT IN NYC

  1. A bit like jumping from a plane ‘cept it’s not a life and death moment. No matter how many times you’ve done it you can’t help but check everything over and over everytime you do it.

  2. How can anything in NY be intense Vinny? You should come to Vermont with me. That place is intense. Cows freaking everywhere. And happy cows have you ever been around Happy cows before. Scariest shit ever!

    Anyway can’t wait to see the outcome!

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