New York City flavor

i lived in NYC for five years in the early 90s.

It was a crazy place back then.

Times Square was dark.

There were no lights in Times Square!

It felt post apocalyptic.

That’s all changed now. A good thing!

New York has always been a magnet for visual artists with ambition.

And Manhattan is small enough that a poster campaign can have a big effect.

i’m shooting a TV campaign here and I’ve been wandering around.

Here are some random things that caught my eye.

3 responses to “New York City flavor

  1. Very ‘fight the power’? Retribution is coming.

  2. Bill Brandt always used to say you see a city much better as tourist than as someone who lives there.
    That’s why he tried to do his photography on the first day in a new place, before it got stale and invisible.

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