Out of here for a week

It’s spring break here in the USA and we are taking the kids to see their Grandparents in Arizona.

And we shall visit the Grand Canyon. Which I’ve flown over a million times on the way to LA but never actually seen up close.

So I can tick that one off the list. New Orleans you are next!

And right after that I will be shooting something that makes me laugh every time i think about it. Probably in New York City. My spiritual home away from home. Love that town.

See you in a week.

3 responses to “Out of here for a week

  1. Have a good one, Vin.
    Actually while you are there it would be really cool if you tossed an ad award into the canyon. http://bit.ly/g580ug & http://bit.ly/eOqTmd. Ironically don’t forget to advertise it. Get the Ad Age shooters at the ready.

  2. The Manhattan Mini Storage ads are usually pretty bad. But that one nails the New York mindset.

  3. I need NYC Dates!!!!!!!!!!! You have my email.

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