The thirty second TV spot. Seen from the outside in.

I fully realize that I may very well be writing this for an audience of one: me.

This will take some tiresome explanation.

I started out doing yer classic TV spot.

It was fun.

I was good at it.

Things changed.

I changed.

But one thing that remained constant was the desire to see interesting films.

So we kept doing that.

Only we lost all concept of time over the years.

Now doing a thirty second spot feels fresh again.

But it also feels small.

30 seconds is nothing really.

i used to strain against the limitations of the thirty second tv spot. and try to fuck with it.

and now i look at these same limitations in a totally different way.

i kind of like them.

I have fallen in love with the limitations of tv advertising.

somebody shoot me!

7 responses to “The thirty second TV spot. Seen from the outside in.

  1. Johnny Ferguson


  2. I, too, love the limitations. It’s a neat little box that you can set yourself free in. It forces you to be a very good storyteller; to break everything you want to convey into its basic, core element. And it makes it of paramount importance to hire a director that can help you wring every second of it.

  3. Your thoughts on this remind me of the formerly ubiquitous “director’s cut” versions of :30s on directors’ reels—versions that were always, like, :35s or :42s or something. I’ve never seen a single one where the additional footage added anything of value to the story; they always end up seeming a bit self-indulgent or sluggish. Trust your creatives, directors!

    • ah yes. ye olde direcktor’s cutte. never works out does it. you are not the first to use a crane shot! i am not impressed by that camera move.

  4. If your pitch can’t be summed up with just one word. a picture. and a flash card. go back and try again!

    I have really enjoyed seeing the fun you have been having Vinny!

  5. … necessity is the mother of invention … an all that.

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