Just so we’re clear here. I am NOT picking on McDonalds or their agency here. I briefly worked on this iconic brand. Lovely people and a lovely headquarters in Oakbrook.

McDonalds is one of those brands with serious media muscle. They kind of have to.
McDs appeals potentially to everyone.

I love the Big and Tasty…mmm Big and Tasty.


The billboard below is situated across the street from The Escape Pod.

If you live in the USA you will have encountered this ad campaign. Take the “M” out of sentences and talk about breakfast is the idea.

And McDs have clearly poured 500 trillion dollars into this serious effort to win back breakfast eaters.

Is it the most earth-shattering creative idea in the world?

No. But it doesn’t have to be.

Because McDonalds can afford to be boring. And I don’t mean that in a bad way.

I just mean that their media budget ensures that I will see their message a lot.

So something benign and direct is actually appropriate here.

But what if you don’t have hundreds of millions of dollars to spend on media?

You can’t afford to be boring.

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