That’s right folks.

A million hits on youtube.

Just to clarify, this video now has more than ten hundred thousand views on the tube currently known as “you”.

Got that?


A million hits!

On that tube we discussed earlier?

8 responses to “A MILLION HITS ON YOUTUBE!

  1. Made it to 41 secs. Does it get any better?

  2. Phil, it has a million hits on youtube!

    this was designed for this culture. emeril is the jimmy page of cooking in the usa.

    it’s funny here.

    trust me.

  3. you’re clearly Vinnying!


  4. Fair play Vinny – lost in translation that one!

    • no worries phil. i’m not saying it’s the funniest thing you will ever see. but it does cross the threshold of funny. we sweated this one!

  5. Grats you get a Emeril Lagasse Bobblehead Doll!

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