Why “WINNING!” is winning.

In addition to everything else, Charlie Sheen has now also found the time to coin a catchphrase: WINNING!

As I’ve blogged previously, I have had more time and cause to ponder why catchphrases catch on.

One of the principal reasons for a catchphrase’s success is that it essentially be prefab comedy. A can’t lose word or phrase that gets a laugh, however slight.

And if that phrase or word is cathartic to utter – that is, a little nervous energy leaves your body when you say it, you got a winner!

WINNING! qualifies on both those criteria.

Hence, it is WINNING!

3 responses to “Why “WINNING!” is winning.

  1. If WINNING is winning, is BI-WINNING a ‘win win’?

  2. yes rant. Bi winning, logically, is win-winning!

  3. I think the first letter ‘w’ is also immensely helpful.

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