An idea we had a while ago that I like a lot.

Imerman’s Angels is a not for profit organization founded by a cancer survivor, Jonny Imerman.

Jonny had a great idea: connect cancer patients with cancer survivors who can mentor them through what can only be an unimaginably tough time.

Escape Pod MD Norm Bilow met Jonny at a nearby gym and offered to help in any way we could.

And Escape Pod art director Allan Stevenson had a great idea.

He found out that cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy suck on Lemonheads to alleviate the metallic taste that chemo can leave in your mouth.

So we contacted Lemonheads candy, who are based here in Chicago, and they agreed to play along.

And they recently produced a special limited edition run of Lemonheads with messaging on the back highlighting Imerman’s Angels work.

The idea is to distribute these special boxes of Lemonheads in hospitals and other approriate venues to raise awareness of Imerman’s Angels in a manner that feels useful but calming to an audience that doesn’t need anymore drama in their lives.

And how bout a great big hand for the wonderful LEMONHEAD people!

This idea is all about the wonderful powers of the LEMONHEAD.

Thank you!

4 responses to “An idea we had a while ago that I like a lot.

  1. It reminded of this
    Your tagline could be ‘Suck ’em and C’ as in the big C.

  2. Ciaran McCabe

    What a great idea.
    Is this something we could pass along?
    Of course it is particularly appropriate in
    I know a cancer support group has started
    up in the area recently and this could be
    of help. Even if it is only as a spur to some
    creative discussion.
    Reluctant to pass it on without receiving some
    form of permission.
    Be grateful if you could find out.

  3. Ciaran McCabe

    Thanks Vinny, before you do anything let me check
    with the folks involved. Thanks again.

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