We have all recently feasted on the life and times of Charlie Sheen.

Charlie clearly has problems.

But one thing that separates him from previous celebrity trainwrecks is the fact that he is aggressively playing the media for his own ends.

You might think he’d be in hiding/rehab and/or feigning repentance after his recent cocaine and prostitute hi jinks.

Not Charlie.

He’s not playing by the rules in any respect.

And he is a good performer.

And he’s out there selling his side of the story.

It’s a demented and nonsensical story perhaps but he’s selling it hard.

And his real or imagined enemies are silent.

So Charlie is, arguably, “winning”. Or bi-winning as he might put it.

Charlie Sheen’s life has gone viral and he knows it.

And he’s actively trying to control the situation in his own deluded way.

He has been famous for a very long time. He knows how to work the media.

And whatever drugs he’s on are clearly of the, ahem, energy giving variety.

He doesn’t need a publicist.

Which is good because his publicist recently quit.

Which might have been shortsighted.

Imagine getting to see this crazy train up close.


  1. Charlie Sheen is like the Ghaddafi of Hollywood:

    There is even a website full of his pure and complete gnarly-isms:

  2. I love that saga.
    best reality show ever.
    Sheen does one thing extremly good: he knows he must be unpredictable to remain interesting.
    (whether that’s intentional or not is of course another question.)

    but, is there a lesson for us?

    • i agree riki. he’s not playing by the celebrity rulebook. he’s defying our expectations. he’s surprising us. which never gets old.

  3. What’s amazing is this is his best work ever and he’s not even getting paid for it.

  4. At 45, Charlie Sheen is the new 60.
    But y’all are correct. He is playing a superb game of media manipulation. However, I think the only way he could save his career is pop up and say: “Psych! I had you going didn’t I? You didn’t really believe that crap I was spouting, did you? It was acting! Genius!

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