Daily Archives: February 28, 2011

An academic dissection of our Wheat Thins campaign

The team at the New Media Research Studio at New York University did a really thorough and astute analysis of our Wheat Thins Twitter-meets-TV campaign.

Wow. Nicely done! And thank you.

You can read it here.

They really understand the idea and our intentions for it.

Not everybody did initially ;-)

But that’s quite often the case with things that are new. And as we’ve discovered, some people have just one gear: skepticism.

Kudos to our client for pursuing this idea to the extent that we have.

It’s great fun to do and it has really taken on a life of its own. Which is the ideal situation.

interesting article about the future of commercial TV

We all know that cable TV in this country is at a tipping point. Save a few shining beacons of awesome, the content has deteriorated to the point of being worthless.

So many are fleeing cable in favor of ad hoc streaming methods of being amused. Netflix etc.

This piece on boing boing made some interesting points.

Will greed and mediocrity and sheer lazineness sink commercial TV?

I know I’m heartily sick of it. And I’m in the cable industry’s sweet spot: older, technologically stupid, love WW2 ;-)