The POST cereal packaging division is at it again!

I blogged a while back about what i considered to be a disastrous pack redesign of what was once my favorite cereal: GREAT GRAINS.

Great Grains was a wholesome looking and sounding cereal. The packaging transmitted just the right vibe: upscale and healthy.

Job done.

But the folks at POST cereal couldn’t leave well enough alone.

And disastrously changed the packaging from THIS perfectly nice pack…

…to THIS abomination. I said in my blog post that there was no way in hell i was buying the new ugly packaging.

And I haven’t. I have since switched to BERRY CRISP from Whole Foods Market.

In other words, POST’s marketing decisions have cost them at least one customer.

Well check this out.

The guys and gals over at POST clearly need to get a hobby or something.

Because they’ve gone and done it again!

This time they’ve gone and RENAMED this poor orphan of a brand back to what it used to be before they redesigned it the first time. Wow.

To what end?

God only knows.

So they’ve needlessly redesigned and renamed what was a fine and dandy cereal brand.

Now it looks like a cheap knockoff of its former self.

But here’s the best part. To help allay the confusion caused by the marketing department at POST, they now are forced to devote a third of their packaging space to reminding their presumbably dwindling and confused fanbase that this is indeed the product you think it may be.

Seriously guys. You need to find another activity.

Golf. Pottery. Brisk walks. Anything.

Just leave the poor brand alone!

I can hear it weeping and whimpering as I pass it in the cereal aisle.

One response to “The POST cereal packaging division is at it again!

  1. The good thing about most cardboard boxes is that cardboard is a recyclable packaging material, so irrespective of the design, it’s good for the planet

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