Having created filmic “ads” of varying lengths in recent years, everything from hour long TV shows, to viral videos, to cinema ads of unusual lengths, we at the Escape Pod have had our advertising clocks readjusted.

Thirty second TV no longer looks or feels like a good storytelling platform.

But it is still a great advertising platform.

Call me a conservative old coot but if I was a TV advertiser these days I’d be talking about my product from wall to wall.

You know why?

Because it’s ONLY THIRTY BLOODY SECONDS! And those thirty seconds are really bloody expensive. That’s why!

So sell the shit out of what you’re selling ab initio, or stay home.

TV has evolved. It’s place in the media landscape has changed.

It is one of the few ways left to reach a mass audience.

Something we all took for granted until comparatively recently.

But it’s not 1987. Or 1997.

TV no longer has a monopoly on consumers’ attention. So you’d think TV ads would reflect this.

But few do.

Look at me. Now look at your man. Now look at your me! Those guys knew what was up. They understood that TV is now essentially a seeding program for your idea.

TV now has to be more pointed creatively.

Meh comedy isn’t cutting it anymore.

So stop doing that.


4 responses to “TV HAS CHANGED. TV ADS HAVEN’T.

  1. amen to that.

    I can’t believe how many TV ads still work on a slow, cliche beginning with a funny twist in the last 5 secs.
    like people wait what will happen after car drives to a house, mom picks up her child in the kindergarten or people stand at water cooler.
    they’re 30 channels away in next 10 secs of your “build up”.

    a sad consequence of watching too many award show reels and not enough real TV.

  2. I was pretty blown away they were bringing this campaign back. Just show someone in the shower using the damn soap excited to be clean and smell clean.

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