Babies R Us is a national big box retailer of, you guessed it, baby stuff.

BRU are a corporate sibling of Toys R Us. They have been around for quite a while now, but haven’t done a lot of advertising.

The audience here is expectant mothers. A very motivated bunch indeed. They are already keenly interested in what we are selling.

So there was no need to get too dramatic here.

This idea was inspired by Escape Pod MD Norm Bilow’s real life experience as he and his wife did what the couple in the ad are doing: registering at Babies R Us in preparation for the birth of their first child.

Norm commented that as he was registering at BRU it all suddenly became real for him.

Not that it wasn’t before.

This just helped bring it home in an experiential way. Scan item, imagine item in your home. Wow.

Here’s how registering at BRU works. You scan all the stuff you want to get and your family and friends go online and pay for it all.

It’s a genius scam! I wish I’d done it when I was having my first child.

It’s like shopping, but it’s essentially free!

Not a tough sell then.

So we leaned into that and created a demo of this baby registering process.

This was a breeze to shoot, thanks to director Phil Joanou and MJZ being the pros that they are.

And you have to be made of frozen granite if you don’t smile at the baby at the end.

That little dude was a find. He loved all the attention.

PS: the home shots were shot in the house of one of THE SIMPSONS writer/producers in Pasadena CA. Like they needed the money ;-)


  1. “your family and friends go online and pay for it all.” Miscompute.

  2. Very, very nice touch at the end with the mobile. Makes the spot for me.

  3. Nice use of the words “expect” and “bundle” in the end-line. Very clever (who said subliminal advertising was dead?)

  4. What no guns or explosions? What kind of a commercial was this? Could you at least have Emeril’s Lawyer involved? 8)

    I think the key here is the scanner. Most places have you enter in stuff online or at a kiosk. That scanner is great makes it 1,2,3 Baby!

    • i know howie. sometimes it’s not a puzzle. this was just the obviously smart thing to do. so we did it. our next production is a bit mental. it involves an Englishman driving around in a supermarket in Orange county.

  5. Vinny,
    I was referring to my friends and family!

    • oh! i see. yeah. i have been blessed with an irish gypsy wedding level number of first cousins john. so the sheer statistical numbers mean i’d do well.

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