Latest Escape Pod work for new Philadelphia Cooking Creme

We are very excited about our new work for this new way to successfully pretend that you know how to cook. Something we all need.

We decided that the only thing worth doing for this product launch was a demonstration of the product. A cooking demo.

But realized we’d need to add some built-in reason to watch the demo.

Welsh art director Allan Stevenson had this idea at the last minute and we added it to the presentation.

Glad we did!

Smuggler director (and Waverly Flams alum) Jon Watts, shot these.

We’ve worked with Jon before. He’s a great problem solver and a joy to work with. And he’s funny as shit.

The spots were edited by the stalwart Matt Walsh at Whitehouse Chicago. Matt was assisted by Matt Jameson. Frequent Escape Pod editors and conspiracy theorists. Great job guys.

Our funky graphics were done by Burn Crash Rebuild out of Long Island City, New York. These guys also do graphics for the Onion News Network. They are good.

Music was done by the inestimable Sandy Torano over at SCANDAL music Chicago. Sandy did the music for a lil ole thing called the Real Men of Genius radio campaign for Bud Light.

And guess who did our voiceover?

The guy who did the voice in the Real Men of Genius campaign, Pete Stacker.

Only the best here.

Sound was handled by Jamie Vanadia at NOISEFLOOR. You guys nailed it again.

And the film was colored by NOLO. The most chilled out atmosphere in Chicago. It’s downright therapeutic to work with these guys.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Chalcea Park, the IP lawyer who engineered and facilitated the whole Emeril agreement thing. And had the idea of conflating what were two separate ideas into one. Thanks for all that. We really needed Emeril to play along. And he did. Thank you Emeril.

Kudos to clients Kevin Butler and Richard Bode for having the nerve to commit to this idea and giving us the freedom to max it out.

And finally, thanks to Mark Stein. Yes he really is Emeril’s attorney. Google him! You were great. Thanks too to Mario from New Jersey who played the Emeril lookalike. This guy should get his own TV show.

We all put a lot of love and energy into these videos.

We hope you like them.

PS: for the benefit of our foreign reader Trevor, I should point out that Emeril Lagasse is arguably the most famous TV chef in America. He has a catchphrase. It’s “BAM!”

10 responses to “Latest Escape Pod work for new Philadelphia Cooking Creme

  1. What about your other foreign reader?


  2. or me!

    I’m hungry!

  3. I ate at Emeril’s in Nawlins many years ago. This is great work Vinny. I don’t eat cream cheese but I do love the dishes that were made. Seems like Philly wants to American-ize the dishes. Nothing beats a good alfredo!

  4. sorry foreign readers! we love you!

  5. OK, now that I’ve got your love, I can say I really like this work. strategy is wicked and dishes look fantastic.
    attorney is better cause his clumsiness is funnier.

    • glad you like riki. the attorney was a great sport. and that knives gag makes me laugh. all directors idea i should add.

  6. I like the idea. Didn’t get the whole Emeril Lagasse thing at first.

    • yeah, Emeril is the most famous TV chef in the USA. he kind of started the whole celebrity chef thing here. and he says “BAM!” a lot.

  7. If I had to use one word to describe Escape Pod’s work it would be “ebullient”. Your enthusiasm for making ads comes blazing through in the ads themselves and gets transferred to the product/client.

    I love these spots – and the knife drawer is absolutely one of those “laugh every time I see it” bits.

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