To Mario from the Bowery Hotel in New York, thank you!

Working in advertising, i get to travel quite a bit and stay in nice hotels. Which I love.

I understand that this is a perk most people don’t have in their lives. And I am grateful for it.

But, once you get past the thrill of staying in fancy hotels you get critical.

You start to notice the bad things as well as the good things.

And the biggest bad thing about most hip and trendy hotels is that they tend to attract the hip and trendy people in the area you’re staying in.

And they clog up the bar and restaurant of the hotel YOU’RE paying an arm and a leg to stay in.

And you get treated like a second class citizen in your hotel.

Now that is clearly not right. Pissing off your customers by turning your hotel into nightclub simply to make more money.

I have been asked to show my hotel key to bouncers in hotels in New York and LA to prove that i am staying in what they think is a night club.

It’s not. It’s a hotel. That is outrageous bullshit and bad business practice.

So imagine my pleasant surprise when i recently stayed at The Bowery Hotel in New York.

Here they do the exact opposite of what everyone else does.

They restrict their bar to GUESTS ONLY!


And they have a hard nosed gentleman of indeterminate ethnicity named Mario to enforce this rule.

And boy does he enforce it!

Last Saturday night, for example, my colleagues and I were enjoying a drink by the fire of this lovely hotel.

And i went upstairs to freshen up, leaving what would have looked like two leather couches by the fire open to usurper hustlers in any other boutique hotel.

And sure enough two young guys with aggressive hairstyles swooped in for the kill. They actually thought they could take and reorient the chairs to suit their needs!

Mario had other ideas.

He told them the seats were reserved for guests.

They made the mistake of thinking they were in every other cool new york hotel. they weren’t.

Mario politely asked them to leave.

They became arrogant and abusive.

I should point out that these gentlemen were Scottish and Australian.

The Australian, i am not kidding, said “I’m Mark from Sony! What is your name?” in a tone entirely unbefitting a colonial.

Mario replied: “my name is Mario. Would like me to spell it for you?”

The pair exited the bar utterly humiliated.

Mario had unwittingly won four customers for life for The Bowery Hotel.

We tipped him a total of $80 out of sheer gratitude.

That’s how you do it people.

You do the right thing. And people love you for it.

Because doing the right thing is all too rare.

8 responses to “To Mario from the Bowery Hotel in New York, thank you!

  1. Philip Eaton-Hogg

    “Usurper hustlers” — well played!

  2. I was talking to a friend of mine about his recent visit to New York. He said that he stayed in the Standard where he was enjoying a quiet drink, but when it reached 8pm EVERYONE was told to go back down to the ground floor and queue up again with the Bridge and Tunnel brigade for the chance to get back into the bar they were just drinking in.

    I needn’t add that I will never stay there.

    • that is outrageous ben. I’m too old for that shit. not happening. which is why it was so cathartic to see Mario give those chancers the hook. wouldn’t pull that shit in Glasgow!

  3. Next time I’m in NYC I will seek Mario out and tell him Vinny said “Hi!’.

  4. I have stayed at the Standard in Los Angeles. They like having a hip upscale crowd on the roof club (In LA its around the roof pool). And guests are allowed but non-guests always been one of those ‘If you are someone or look like someone or a bombshell you get in’

    I agree with you Vinny that unless the hotel guests refuse to use the bar make it guests only. Mario rocks!

    • i stayed there howie. and the mondrian. and the sunset marquis. etc. have to say my hollywood fave is the Sunset Tower. but let’s face it every hollywood hotel is automatically a scene.

  5. Vinny..where was the Scotsman while the Aussie was getting lippy? Probably grabbing a quick drink at the bar.

    • Heather, you’ll be relieved to hear that the Scottish guy was largely silent. As usual the Aussie was the loudmouth. Can’t take them anywhere!

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