Experience will only get you so far

The odd thing about shooting film (OK, it’s usually digital video these days) is that while the process remains the same, you always face a unique set of circumstances each time.

It’s a bit like playing pool. The balls always break slightly differently. The combination of shots you play is unique to that game.

For example, we are about to shoot some very interesting things this week for a new client.

The films are comedically intended. winking smiley face!

And without going into too much detail, they are unlike anything i personally have ever shot before. They are quite surreal in an overtly surreal manner.

What this means is that you can’t relax. Because you can’t lean into your past experiences.

I am very comfortable with performance-based comedy. Where ordinary people struggle to make sense of an extraordinary or absurd situation. Lots of dialogue and close ups. That takes a bit of courage but I get a huge buzz from that. And I’ve done an awful lot of that sort of thing.

What we are about to shoot is performance-based, but not in the way i’m used to. Which is exciting.

Really exciting. I won’t sleep too much this week.

Luckily we have a director at the helm whose middle name is Absurdy McSurreal.

So that’s good.

I’ll share the work with you in a few weeks.

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