Coming soon: an interview with Evan Stark!

Evan Stark is the guy who wrote “Spicy Meatball” at DDB in the 1960s. Tom Messner put me in touch with him and he agreed to an interview. Thanks Tom!

I’m really excited about this. That spot is still perfection today. If I were Alka Seltzer I would just run that spot in perpetuity.

It literally never gets old. Even thinking about it makes me smile.

10 responses to “Coming soon: an interview with Evan Stark!

  1. I love what you’re doing Vinnie: interviews with all the people who did the really, really great work.
    There could be a book in this eventually, I’d buy it.

    • glad you too enjoy it dave. i just love getting the wisdom out of these guys. if you have any questions for Evan feel free to post them.

  2. I got my 18 month daughter onto it, “Mamma Mia, Spicy Meat balls” now off the bat. “Wassup” was first though. Currently I’m working on, “I’m a horse” whilst she is on her rocking pony. Gotta film it…maybe I need to get out more?!

    • funny you should say that John. i remember there was a minor stir in the media here when it was reported that several kids first words was “Wassup!”
      were we targeting infants etc. catchphrases usually are childishly fun to say.

  3. Well I must say the new old spice spots with Ray Lewis and the Bear are not very good.

    As for your old school schooling of your proteges I am eagerly awaiting this new interview. But make sure you ask him the hard questions. Like were they real meatballs or fake ones during the shoot.

  4. Also, did they have any trouble with the Italian anti-defamation folks?

  5. THEY solved the anti-Italian problem by having a Jewish actor from Pittsburgh (Jack Somac) play the lead for the commercial done by a Jewish copywriter, art director, and film director.
    In the fine tradition of Swedes (Warner Oland) playing Charlie Chan; Germans (Peter Lorre) playing Mr. Moto; American singers (Ed Ames) playing Mohawk Indians; Nebraskans (Marlon Brando) playing Vito Andolini from Corleone or Stanley Kowalski from New Orleans or Brutus from just outside Rome.

  6. Guess you are pretty safe so long as you avoid the black-up.
    Mind you Downey in Tropic Thunder was hilarious.
    Maybe Wassup could return?!

  7. Hey Tom that is awesome insight thank ye!

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