This was nice

On Monday night one of our new spots for Wheat Thins aired during the People’s Choice Awards on CBS. And minutes later, Wheat Thins was a trending topic on Twitter.

We’d kind of hoped for something like this to happen so it was extremely gratifying that it actually came to pass.

Social media can be a lot of fun.

Cheers to all involved in this very exciting campaign.

Have a great weekend.

6 responses to “This was nice

  1. Hey Vinny does Wheat Thins use any tools to measure online sentiment to give you feedback on number mentions etc?

  2. i will check this out. it’s still nascent so the systems aren’t all there. the best barometer of success is the torrent of tweets about the ads which are about the tweets about the brand. which is what the ads are based on. it’s a loop!

  3. Trending topic… i knew it would happen. genius.

  4. You should get this data Vinny. Its free Chatter/Ad Impressions caused by your spots. This will help you charge more next time. But I get -2% of the increase due to you success.

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