Happy Winter Solstice!

I grew up in the west of Ireland.

Ireland is steeped in superstition. You are surrounded by reminders of the past. The recent past, the medieval past and the ancient past.

Growing up in this frankly idyllic setting I was frequently struck by how much of our pagan past protruded out from under the veneer of Roman Catholicism.

I remember once asking why everyone burned bonfires on June 21, the summer solstice. I was told it was because that was St. John’s day. Bullshit!

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that if you live in northwest Europe and it’s late December you might need a bit of cheering up! Yeah, a colorful tree sounds good!

That’s going to sell to anyone.

Happy holidays y’all!

5 responses to “Happy Winter Solstice!

  1. “The recent past, the medieval past and the ancient past.” There was these three guys sitting at a bar…

  2. There is great coverage of our pagan traditions in a post from last year. I enjoyed it immensely. What I find hilarious is that Jesus would totally be offended by Christmas in America or the fact his birthday was moved from the spring to the solstice. But hey us Jews have our share of issues too!


    Happy Winter Baby Jesus Asherah Solstice my friend!

    • well basically what happened was Christianity was like a franchise that the various European pagans slowly adopted and adapted to suit themselves. “you worship a female deity? no problem, we got Mary the, get this, Virgin Mother!”. etc etc. it really was like that.

  3. I once read that Ireland is the last country in Europe that sees the Sun before setting.
    always found that a cool advertising message.

    besides, what’s wrong with “mystical tourism”?
    yeah, you get funny dressed people but their dollar is worth the same isn’t it?

    • well that’s sort of ireland’s natural positioning: the celtic soul of Europe. we are peripheral. both literally and metaphorically. embrace that. fuck it, we are Nantucket!

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