I couldn’t be more excited! OK, maybe I could be.

YouTube has released its list of most watched videos of 2010.

And guess what’s at number 4?

I remember the first time this idea was parodied/referenced. I was very excited. Less excited the tenth time. And much less so the 219th time.

It’s gotten to the point now where I literally feel nothing. I just smile and pretend i’m excited. A great problem to have, i hasten to add.

Anyway here it is. Annoying Orange Wazzup.

27.5 million views? Really?

Yes, really!

11 responses to “I couldn’t be more excited! OK, maybe I could be.

  1. Impressive number of views for such an uninspired parody. You know, you really need talent to cover Pink Floyd. :))

    • i like that comparison Anca! i’m a newly minted Roger Waters fan. a bit late i know.

      • Don’t worry, Vinny, my father says those of us who discovered Pink Floyd at an early age were just kids with an impaired sense of humour and an unhealthy appetite for chronic depression.

    • i like your dad’s interpretation anca! it kind of is very middle aged ponderous music. which is wholly appropriate when you’re middle aged and ponderous.

  2. You got more views in 30 secs all at once than these guys have since uploading their parody. But yes cute!

  3. Hey Vinny,

    Thought you might be interested in this. Nice idea. At least they’re doing something :)


    • that’s great marcus. love that idea. very hardworking execution too. i’m doing that! i saw the hashtag #makesmeirish on twitter.

  4. Well I just won my brother’s Christmas present, the ‘Up to now’ Snow Patrol Album. Happy days. Can’t wait to read your tweet. Who knows, a packet of Taytos could be coming your way ;)

  5. No Vinegar. Why anyone put vinegar on potatoes, Chips, or Tayto’s is really upsetting. I heard the UN is hopefully going to put forth an international ban.

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