What can social media do for your brand?

Answer: nothing.

The real question is “What can your brand do for social media?”

And the answer to that is only limited by your imagination, and, to some degree, your budget.

You just have to actually do something exciting!

The Internet has always been both a social and a communicative medium.

It began with chat rooms and email.

Corporate websites were not the reason we got excited about the Internet.

The internet was great because it finally gave everyone the chance to express themselves. Potentially to a worldwide audience. And for free!

We all initially got excited about the Internet because for the very first time, the world was literally at our fingertips.

And now that the Internet has shrunk to handful of social media sites we all routinely frequent, what does that mean for advertisers trying to sell their wares?

We all still need to sell stuff right?

Well what it means is you have do what great advertising always had to do: seduce people who have far better things to be doing into loving your brand for some reason.

The context and the tools may change. But the mission remains the same: sell stuff.

And the fundamental problem remains the same: nobody cares.

There is a constant torrent of stuff more interesting than your brand to distract your audience from your message.

And advertising is a bore.

So all you have to do is be the exception.

Be the most exciting one in your category.

Unless of course you can afford to be boring. Blasting hundreds of millions of dollars in media will always work.

Do you have hundreds of millions of media dollars? Great. Good for you.

So, as ever, the brand that exploits the medium best wins.

Nothing has changed at all!

Arrrgh!!! (Bites self on arm)

This is an exploitation of social media we at The Escape Pod recently created for client What Thins. It works because it’s a fundamentally good use of social media. Twitter specifically. And in a very specific way.

The one thing you don’t expect is for your random twitter utterances to have actual real world repercussions. It’s just you tweeting away into the ether!

Well, what if that wasn’t the case? What if your random tweets about a brand somehow became national TV spots.

Wheat Thins did this idea first. I have a feeling we won’t be the last. But we were the first.

Any other major consumer brand could have conceivably done it.

Only they didn’t, did they.

They just sat around worrying and talking about social media and what they might possibly do.

Wheat Thins actually did something about it.

So they win.

It’s that simple.

6 responses to “What can social media do for your brand?

  1. Hi Vinny
    Have you seen this?
    A very clever, interactive music video that links to your facebook and twitter feed. (found via a Luke Sullivan tweet).
    Be warned, it only works on Safari.
    What’s going on with the new header?

  2. No. I created a Fan Page. Now I am waiting for my fans!

    Nice poster!

  3. Hey Vinny,

    Thought you might be interested in this. Nice idea. At least they’re doing something :)


  4. Great post. It’s interesting to see business owners trying to apply old marketing tactics to this new age of marketing. I think your “what can your brand do for social media?” is spot on. To me, that meant what is your brand doing for the community of people that are trying to interact with you?

  5. exactly jerry. what can you do to enhance social media. what can you add?
    it entails acting like a cool human being. tough for a lot of brands who imagine they are the center of the universe.

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