I’m about to edit a freshly shot batch of promotional films.

I used to hate editing. I was impatient and just wanted it to be done and perfect. Like now!

But over the years I’ve come to quite enjoy it.

Editing is a bit like playing poker. You pick your best bits and then play them in the best possible combination to achieve the effect you want.

The toughest part, for me, is mentally digesting and absorbing all the best bits. You really have to internalize it all in order to edit with any authority. Otherwise it becomes a puzzle that you never quite understand.

Editing is writing. Never forget that.

It’s not the “final bit” of the film making process, it kind of IS the film making process. Everything else is simply a lead up to the edit.

It’s a highly concentrated and focused activity, like writing. But you have to have fun with the edit too.

The fun part usually comes when you realize that you haven’t fucked up the shoot and you actually do have all the pieces you need.

Your confidence picks up and the best story reveals itself.

And you show someone unfamiliar with your idea a rough cut. And they laugh. And gush about how awesome it is.

Then you order lunch!

One response to “EDITING.

  1. I told you the story of my a-hole roommate in college, his end of semester film editing project with about 150+ segments of 8mil film all ready to be put together, and the big kharma wind that hit when he walked in the door drunk?

    I watched him slowly view, cut, and assemble his film over the course of over a week. I think this was pre-sticky notes, either way he had little pieces of paper not attached to the clips denoting what scene and sequence.

    Poof. In seriously less than 2 secs complete chaos. I think if I didn’t hate the guy at the time I wouldn’t of laughed so hard. Kharma! lol

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