I’m off to see Roger Waters do THE WALL on sunday

He’s playing at the Staples Center here in LA. I’m looking forward to it.

I was never a Floyd fan until I moved to the USA.

Here are the three monsters of USA radio that are not from the USA: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and U2.

I never cared about Pink Floyd when i was a teenager. They were old.

So it’s a bit like a hippie going to see Frank Sinatra.

I have watched lots of Pink Floyd documentary stuff in anticipation of this.

Pink Floyd, unlike The Beatles, were English middle class. And Roger very clearly is.

He’s a very, very, smart guy. And a big thinker. He was the brains of Pink Floyd.

So I’m going to my very first prog-rock gig in LA in 2010.


7 responses to “I’m off to see Roger Waters do THE WALL on sunday


  2. it was amazing john. roger waters is a genius.

  3. I got into Punk after getting into Floyd. They were the English version of Frank Zappa for psychedelic fun. The original Ravers!

    So you liked?

  4. it was awesome howie. truly awesome. pure theater. can you guess which member of pink floyd studied architecture in college? yes, the one who builds walls on the stage.

  5. I hate concerts that are too visual.
    nothing against it, but too much can really be too much.
    but Waters is a smart man. I’m sure he found a balance.

    • i have to say riki, i was impressed by the staging. it was very artfully done. i was expecting a conceptual and executional mess. and it was flawless. i highly recommend seeing it.

  6. My driving instructor saw The Wall first time around and said that at one point a huge plane descended from the rafters and crashed into the stage, which was right in front of him. Sounded amazing.

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