You have no idea how excited i am about this

It’s a movie poster. Or, more correctly, it’s an “advance” movie poster. Hence the lack of movie credits. It’s a “coming soon” poster designed to be back-lit and to fit into the standard cinema foyer poster frame.

It’s authentic. I got it from someone who actually works at the Hollywood Studio that produced the movie. They found out i was a maniacal Sam Peckinpah fan and just sent it to me out of the blue. It had lain folded in a drawer for 36 years. Hence the shroud of turin-looking folds in it.

And now it’s mine. And I really love it. I had it lovingly framed and the letter of authentification attached to the back. This is the real deal.

BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA was Sam Peckinpah’s most personal work. It’s very obvious that the wonderful Warren Oates was playing Sam. He knew him well and he knew what the movie was really about: Sam’s struggle with Hollywood. It’s a huge in-joke.

The movie was a flop. And you can see why. Sam went too far on this one. Which is exactly what makes it so awesome!

There’s an expression that movie directors essentially make the same movie over and over. And it’s kind of true. All creative people have their favorite themes, whether they’d like to admit or not.

Sam quite literally made the same movie over and over, and with most of the same cast! it’s almost comical. He was a man possessed.

I highly recommend that you watch this movie. AFTER you’ve watched THE WILD BUNCH and THE GETAWAY. In that order.  The order is important.

2 responses to “You have no idea how excited i am about this

  1. Vinny I will always be grateful for you turning me onto Peckinpah and this movie. It had the right balance of violence, love story, suspense, and good will sincerity. The ending was fabulous.

  2. glad you liked howie. it’s a bona fide obsession.

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