This wins

For the benefit of my American reader (hello Gary!) PAGE 3 girls are a UK institution. They appear on page 3 of the UK’s biggest selling daily tabloid newspaper – The Sun. They are naked basically. And this was created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their first appearance in this extremely populist daily.

This parody of the Old Spice ad twists it around nicely. And it’s well shot. I’m guessing this will travel well through the culture. Just a wild hunch. Call me crazy.


10 responses to “This wins

  1. Unfortunately Sesame Street got there first.

    I think a parody only works if no-one else has done it before.

    Too late.

  2. i never said it was the first or necessarily the best old spice parody anonymouse. i just said i think it will be successful. and i know from experience that something can be parodied successfully over and over if the ideas are good. quite often parodies of pop culture phenomena get better over time.

  3. As an American stationed in England, the page 3 girls were quite surprising. Americans can’t fathom the concept of a major newspaper read by both sexes containing a daily pin-up. That’s when I realized that even though we are obsessed with sex, Americans are basically prudes. If USA Today tried that, women here would drag them out of their offices and shoot them.
    I wonder, do the page 3 girls go on to fame and fortune?

  4. Anonymouse,
    I diasgree.
    is the first “Hitler’s speech” parody the only one that’s good ? I don’t think so. they keep coming and some are hilarious.

  5. you’re right rob. having grown up with page 3 girls i too find americans to be uptight in lots of ways compared to the Brits. some page 3 girls go on to have careers beyond taking their tops off. Samantha Fox went on to have a career as a pop singer years ago.

  6. Shhhhh. Don’t interrupt me rabbit. I am reading page 3. No seriously, we can talk later. Shoo!

  7. Hey Riki

    I would call the Downfall thing, if that’s what you are referring to a meme rather than a parody.

    It’s just a personal thing. I think parody is lazy even when done well. At best, it’s opportunistic.

    Probably will be successful, though. I can imagine it getting forwarded around. I just don’t like it.

    And Sam Fox was fit as you like.

  8. anonymouse. you are correct, parody is lazy. but it can feel sooo good. ;-)

    i have done ads that were parodies early in my career. and i found them unsatisfying to do. they were only as good as the execution and they lacked energy of their own.

    i think you’re splitting hairs. some memes (hitler downfall for example) are based on having multiple parodies. because they are easy to produce.

    btw, has anyone actually watched DOWNFALL? great movie.

    i’m sure the the old spice creators are tickled pink every time a new parody emerges.

    it’s all just stupid fun!

  9. Anonymouse,
    you make a valid point.
    yes, I was reffering to Downfall.

    to me, in parody it’s interesting to see if you can take it the other way and what happens if you do. it’s also funny cause you have to keep it parallel at all times but still make it somehow “yours” if you know what I mean.

    I don’t do it often but those few times I did it it’s been quite illuminating. I believe I came to the same dilemmas as the original writer did. so why did he/she do it that particular way? would I come to that idea? if not, where would I take it? would it still be good?
    makes you realize how brilliant some people really are.

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