A great ad from 40 years ago that’s still a great ad

Just saw this over at admensch’s wonderful blog. what great writing. i don’t usually notice great writing but this is it. A young and presumably cash-needy Gene Wilder did the voice of the stomach.

If i was Alka Seltzer i would JUST run this ad forever. Maybe update the animation, but that’s it.

7 responses to “A great ad from 40 years ago that’s still a great ad

  1. Cracking stuff. Thanks for posting it.

  2. I remember this spot. Actually, Alka Seltzer had many great ads that they should still be running. And I don’t think this needs any animation update. The simplicity stands out.

  3. That was AWESOME! Man some fast talking!

  4. rob, no question. i would just polish it up in post so it didn’t feel like an artifact from the past. love the animation.

  5. wow, how simple is that! after it’s done.
    some clever thinking guided this excellent writing.

  6. Bob Schulman is still writing very successful advertising. The art director, John Danza, also is a very good writer.

  7. really tom? still working? love to chat with him if you have his contact info. that John Danza really got around didn’t he. I’ve heard his name a lot over the years.

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