My very first time

My recent posting of my first ever TV ad rekindled a memory that is one of my most vivid memories of all.

A few weeks after we’d shot that spot it played, for the very first time, to an audience of Budweiser beer wholesalers. Thousands of them in a hotel in Vegas. It brought the house down. It was an instant hit.

So they put it on TV soon thereafter. Mostly in sports programming. At the time the very popular college basketball championships were on. The NCAA as it’s known. I didn’t know this. yet.

One night after a hard day’s Bud Light thinkin’ i suggested to my parter that we get a beer.

There was a huge sports bar not far from our office so we went there. It was packed with young NCAA basketball fans.

And right after we’d gotten our beers, the most perfect thing that could have happened at that moment, happened at that moment.

Our ad appeared on all the big screens in this very big bar. The music boomed out of the speakers. And as i looked around the hall i could see friends nudging friends to watch the ad. I thought that was strange. And the ad played out. And everybody laughed real hard. This is the country that gave us The Three Stooges. They loved it.

But what happened next was crazy.

They applauded! They all clapped involuntarily for a stupid beer ad! They couldn’t help it. Wow. I know they were all drunk, but still.

I was hooked.


9 responses to “My very first time

  1. Great way to measure effectiveness. You were where the consumer/target audience is at the right timing. Great start. Congrats!

  2. That’s not a stupid beer ad. That’s an epic. Great job!

  3. glad you liked.

    it sure felt like a stupid beer ad at the time Teresa. But people liked it a lot. and that was the main thing.

  4. Vinny,
    Nothing better than being able to say,
    “I was a part of that.”
    Long may it last.

  5. that’s my goal ciaran! i had the best possible start in that spot. all downhill from there ;-)

  6. yep, all downhill. what a sad story.
    so, how does it feel in a gutter with Cannes GP in your hands?
    pretty miserable, I guess.
    no respect, no praise, no friendly tapping on a shoulder, no warm smile…
    such a tragedy. you were really onto something big.

  7. maybe this will cheer you up:

    all we need is 1 piece of leaf.

  8. jesus riki! what the….

    grand prix are really heavy riki. it’s not all fun you know ;-)

  9. hehehe :-) it’s actually a group of comedians doing a mock-up of pop-trash. japanese way. I find it so surreal it’s fantastic. and I’d kill for a poster on 1:30.

    I can help you with this heavy burden. do you lease it for a month or two? I’m having a year-interview with my CEO in december and it would come handy to help me get a raise ;-)

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