This is good viewin’!

If it turns out to be a viral for SAMSUNG I will hang myself. I am utterly transfixed by this.

Thanks to Matt at L’Escape Pod for the awareness.

4 responses to “This is good viewin’!

  1. if it’s a fake it was done by Brian Beletic. just sayin.

  2. if it’s fake it’s bloody genius.
    if it’s not I’m using it in next campaign.
    hands off!

  3. could be a crazy lady holding a rock? What I find strange is you would think other people who might see her talking on a phone might have a reaction?
    Very spooky.

    I had the shit scared out of me when I was 8 from watching a paranormal show with my folks. They recorded voices at grave yards, pictures of ghosts, and there was a famous guy who if you took a picture of him while he was thinking of say Big Ben…Big Ben would show and not him on the Polaroid.

  4. and polaroid never used that dude in an ad. that’s still a great idea. wow.

    either it’s a time travelling drag queen with an iPhone trying to get AT&T reception in LA in 1928, never easy apparently, or it’s…the best viral idea for a phone ever.

    Or, it’s the inventor of the mobile phone’s butch but very inventive grandmother who gave him the whole mobile phone idea on a plate when he was ten years old, having had that idea as she walked past Graummanns Chinese Theater years beofore.

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