I just had the great good fortune to enjoy a sumptuous Italian lunch with Sandy Torano of SCANDAL MUSIC.

Sandy is the guy who did the music for the legendary REAL MEN OF GENIUS radio campaign for Bud Light. The music — over the top metal balladeer, back up singers etc — were a large part of that campaign. The writing was awesome but it was the totality of the idea that put it, literally, over the top. The ads were big confident productions. Most radio ads are the diametric opposite of that: panicked and antic.

As you can imagine fun was had at lunch. Concurrent to this was the announcement yesterday that Y&R Chicago has hired the guy who came up with that campaign – Bob Winter – to be their new CCO.

It struck me at lunch that Bob and Sandy are two of the nicest people you will meet. And that their energies are very evident in the work they created together. The RMOG campaign is a reflection of them: very positive, very likeable, very fun.

So here’s to you two Rajahs of the radio! Good luck and thanks for happy times.

4 responses to “REAL MEN OF GENIUS

  1. That campaign was part of the reason I wanted to get into advertising. Hats off to those two fine gentlemen and many thanks, aswell.

  2. guy, glad you liked that campaign. class fact about bob winter: he kept all his awards in the original carboard boxes they came in. his office was a sea of cardboard!

  3. I thought that was a very funny and clever campaign. Sadly it gets put in the ‘wastage’ section for me because I will gladly listen to them over and over, but I never buy the product. But nothing the media buyer can do, you cant really micro target the 15-30 yr old demo via radio.

    Radio is actually dead to me. I might catch Jim Rome sports or occasionally a sports game in the car but nothing other than that.

  4. beer is a tough category howie. nothing would ever make me drink light beer either. but you have to remember that beer advertising, like street preaching, is aimed at the waverers.

    the impressionable.


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