90% of advertising is showing up

While we creatives would like to think that advertising is ALL about the idea, it really isn’t. It’s about doing something. It’s about being a presence in the minds of folks.

here’s a good example. every day i pass this billboard for Maker’s Mark whiskey. the somewhat childish and cartoonish premise of this ad is that the beverage is so desirable that someone (Tom or Jerry?) is sawing the floor beneath the bottle, presumably to steal and drink it.

no new ground being broken here.

but does it REALLY matter?

Arguably not. It’s a nice looking bottle with a fake wax top and whatnot. and i like whiskey. so this is ad is bringing me marginally closer to buying a bottle of Maker’s Mark.

Not Jack Daniels. Or Jim Beam. Because they aren’t running an ad that i know of. They aren’t doing anything as far as i know.

Maybe they’re thinking about doing something. Maybe they just can’t agree on what medium or message they should use.

It doesn’t really matter to me. They haven’t tried to reach me.

Maker’s Mark wins the day because they ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING.

6 responses to “90% of advertising is showing up

  1. Nature abhors a vacuum.

  2. Hi Vinny,

    There are some superb long-copy Jack Daniels ads on the London Underground. They make me want to buy a bottle, but I can’t stand the taste of the stuff and these ads make me really annoyed about that. They are certainly more effective than that Maker’s Mark ad, but annoyingly they don’t appear to be on the Internet, so I can’t really back up my claim, harrumph.

  3. love to see those Guy. my one and only experience with jack and coke ended up with me FILLING the sick bag (to the brim!) on the puddle hopper prop plane as it landed the next morning in Monterey from LA.

    being a pro i didn’t spill a drop. and disposed of if myself. good times!

  4. Haha, “disposed of it myself” sounds a bit ominous – I’m sure a bin-man’s day was thoroughly ruined. Nice work :^D

    Next time I’m in London, which will hopefully be soon, I’ll make sure to take a few shots of them (the ads, not the drink).

  5. Great post Vinny, very true. I find this all the time. One thing I’ve always wondered is are admen more persuaded or influenced by advertising than normal people – because I’m always falling for ads.

  6. Hey Guy!! Yes that would be great if you could post them- I used to live in London and saw those Jack Daniels ads on my way to work at St Pauls everyday yet now that I want to do an analysis of it for a copywriting course (and incidentally live up North) I am neither in a position to take a photo or find it on the internet ANYWHERE!!

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