Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

This is a bad idea on pretty much every level. It’s a virally intended video to promote reducing carbon footprints by ten per cent.

It’s a series of vignettes where the idea of this program is introduced in various situations: a school, an office and, bizarrely, a professional soccer ground. In each scenario anyone who disagrees with the idea is exploded via a magic button that blows them up. That’s right, they all get blown up. Splattering blood everywhere. So we have children, office workers and a soccer coach automatically getting blown up simply because they disagree with this environmental initiative.

Thanks to Simon Billing for letting me this existed. And to Ben Kay for putting it on his blog.

2 responses to “Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

  1. This spot is turning out to be one of the most “effective” ever.

    Charities, and even Dutch government have stopped funding this organisation.

    It is costing them millio

    My old boss used to accuse people of “advertising fascim” if they sold too hard& obvious without entertainment, but this is truly horrible.

    This has been done by someone who has no idea of people having a different point of view, who are the target audience for this campaign! (you do not have to convince the convinced)

    People with a different point of view are blown up?!?

    Advertising is about changing (or endorsing) people’s view.

    How can any advertiser, and more importantly it’s agency, be this stupid? It is not just offensive (blowing kids up) it is clearly very ineffective.

    Are there any dis-effie awards?

  2. spot on nico! i think it’s called the Eff Up award.

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