Coming soon. An interview with Mike Tesch

Continuing my lonely vigil to promote Amil Gargano’s most excellent new book about seminal New York ad agency Ally & Gargano, I have asked legendary A&G art director Mike Tesch to do a blog interview (blinterview?).

And guess what kids. He agreed!

I am working on the questions right now. If you have any for him, just leave them in the comments section.

Among many other things, Mike was part of the team responsible for this gem. Amil Gargano correctly calls it “arguably the best ad of all time”. And you know what, he is 100% correct.

It’s as fresh today as it was 30 years ago. It predicted the future and it will never get old. Just amazing.

Check it out. The amazing Fedex fast talking man.

7 responses to “Coming soon. An interview with Mike Tesch

  1. I would love to get a copy of that book – amazon says it is out of stock. Where did you get your copy?


  2. I SAW AMIL peddling a bunch on the corner of 31st and 9th

  3. Tom, got mine from amazon. but ordered it ages ago. i know it’s published by GRAPHIS here in the usa. good luck. it’s a great book.

  4. “arguably the best ad of all time”
    No argument from me. Beautifully written, paced, directed and the acting is amazing. One of those ads that was probably better than 99% of the programmes it appeared in.

  5. I wonder how many takes it took to do that spot. And that swank modern office equipment.

  6. If we have to choose a best ad of all time, I’m happy to stand behind this.

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