This just works

Proof yet again that casting is key.

9 responses to “This just works

  1. do you happen to have something in the works with this man as the subject? perhaps something for Tropicana since he was enjoying a glass of orange juice during the video.

    or a crest white strips spot showing that everyone can have the perfect smile.

  2. How did you find this?

  3. my first reaction to Snickers ad was “Calvin & Hobbes gone bad”

    but this guy… Diesel style when Paradiset did it.

  4. jeff. nothing in the works.

    annie, funny.

    exactly riki. vintage diesel. he definitely would have been cast.

    john, found it during my never-ending search for stuff that’s cool.

  5. The video on YouTube is categorised under “sports”. I don’t know about you guys, but I want to see this in the next Olympics.

  6. Apt you came across me in that quest, Vinny. Lol!

  7. This was awesome. Hired!

  8. Reminds me of the old photo booth Hamlet ad

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