Bon Voyage Senor Roe!

Friend and former DDB Chicago colleague Chris Roe is leaving Chicago for the sunnier climes of San Francisco. Goodby Silverstein to be precise.

Chris put in 13 years on Bud Light at DDB. A feat in itself.

He has won a shed and a half full of awards in his time there. He was one half (along with Bob Winter) of the team that created the legendary Real Men of Genius radio campaign for Bud Light.

Among with many, many, other things he was CD on this li’l ole thing.

Anyway, best wishes to you Chris. Chicago will miss you. See you for a beer later today.

(Hang on, this won an Emmy too! Bastard.)

6 responses to “Bon Voyage Senor Roe!

  1. Haha, the boss in that clip always reminds me of Roger Sterling from MadMen.
    “I’m so proud of you mother-f***ing c**k-suckers. Here-here.” Never fails to raise a smile.

  2. That is a great spot and grats to your friend to going where the winters are warm and the summers are cold. LOL Though not far away the winters are warm and the summers are f*#%#$# scorching hot!

  3. chris is one of the funniest guys ever.

  4. congratulate the man for his work.
    love the Swear jar and adore Real men of genius (I know, he didn’t hear this for the first time but still… )

    some guys ocasionally strike gold, but some guys just get it. you can see that in their work.
    I’d just sit in his office watching him work. quiet as a mouse. probably would learn more in a week than some place else in 2 years.

  5. I never saw that ad before, I love it.
    It’s not just really well written, it’s brilliantly shot.
    Wish I’d done it (as you said, Bastard).

  6. riki, he’s a machine. bud light were a great client but it wasn’t easy. i did two years on bud light and was ready to hang myself. Budweiser much easier.

    dave, glad you liked. it turned out nice didn’t it. i remember hearing the idea in concept form and doubting it would ever see light of day. i was wrong there!

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