A premature review of the new Ally and Gargano book.

I say “premature” because I haven’t actually read the whole thing yet. There’s a lot to read here.

But I’ve sampled enough to love it.

There was never a chance I wouldn’t love it.

Dave Trott thought it didn’t compare well with George Lois’ book.

And they are very contrasting books. It does feel like an archive compared to George’s alive-with-life rants.

But that’s why I like it. I loved the case study format.

And the work they did was always on the money. Their work was always very obviously aimed squarely at the problem that faced the brand.

Here is just a smattering of the juice on offer in this hefty tome.

5 responses to “A premature review of the new Ally and Gargano book.

  1. When I was at school and went to my first internship I browsed some pages of “The Art Direction Book” and saw those Hertz ads done by Amil Gargano. It was a blast! Over here we always have been “evangelized” by DDB’s Avis’s ads, but that was a K.O. answer from their biggest rival. Then I saw an interview at Luerzer’s Archive Magazine with Ed McCabe…then I learned about SVA and a Master’s Program that he was tying to put together with them. Next thing I knew it was the school I would attend when I finish college here in Brazil.

  2. bloody fuck!
    some seriously excellent copywriting craft!!!!!

    I knew Hertz and Volvo (loved that one te moment I saw it for the first time), but those advertising-business ads… so much wisdom… hats off.

  3. I am very interested in this book Vinny. Can’t afford it right now but will one day get it. I read the economist and read tons of business case studies. I like reading public company’s annual reports, business data and love world wide statistics. I know that is why people in the industry look at me differently. But my purpose is to help Brands sell better and waste less money. So I think I will love this book.

    My issue with George Lois is he is a bullshitter. Bullshitters can tell great stories but you can never trust the story they tell is honest and real. That is ok. We all have people we meet who spin great yarns over drinks and liven things up. But don’t ask that person to teach your kids a school subject.

  4. marcos, i was working for Ed when they did that interview with him. SVA was one of our clients at the time. these guys’ ads packed serious energy. it leapt off the screen/page at you.

    yes riki, they were the best. i’m glad i learned from one of them. helped me out over the years.

    yes howie, george lois and a lot of these guys, carefully cultivated their own legends over time. at a certain point they had an act and they played the role. some effortlessy! but in fairness George Lois took a lot of risks creatively. i get the feeling he kind of just didn’t give a shit on some level. that was his edge. he was dangerous.

  5. And I know you like Dangerous Vinny!

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