A plucky west of ireland director of my acquaintance just shot this.

it’s a documentary about a small irish coastal community’s fight against a SHELL OIL gas pipeline that was to be imposed on this community over their heads. it’s called THE PIPE.

if history has taught us anything it’s that Irish people will fight you to the end of time if necessary when their land is at stake.

My copy of the DVD is in the mail.

It was just shown in the Toronto International Film Festival.

They haven’t cut a trailer yet but this series of scenes.

and you can see the FB trailer here.

it looks kickass.

5 responses to “THE PIPE

  1. You have the love the Irish tenacity Vinny.

    ‘Put that in your pipe and smoke it Shell’.

    Looks like a sequel to The Field. Will keep an eye out for it. Cheers.

  2. Looking forward to this Vinny.

    In California Nestle has been trying to build a plant to process the water from Mount Shasta’s Glacial Snow Pack. Nestle met with the town council and signed a deal basically selling for a song. The council had no town hall meetings. The people learned of this and flipped out and blocked the plant. Basically concerned that 1] their water supply would be all used up and 2] the non-stop trucks with bottled water going to and from.

    Nothing beats populist uproar when government sells out the people to big business. Sadly that is what the US is all about.

  3. ‘…Irish people will fight you to the end of time if necessary when their land is at stake.’ The Field is testament to that. You can add to that list a little spat in the middle east.

  4. yes john i have seen first hand how loopy rural irish people get about land. very strange. love THE FIELD movie.

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