My Ally and Gargano book is in the mail!

These were the guys that made me want to get into advertising. This book was made just for me.
I’m a bit of a Carl Ally nerd.

I have always loved the notion of advertising as a cultural force. And these guys perfected BOTH selling hard AND having a cultural impact. The ultimate package.

it’s the easiest thing in the world to become a jaded ad guy. i thank the lord that has never happened to me. i still totally love creating advertising.

so you have no idea how much i’m looking forward to getting my hands on this!

(pushes ungainly spectacles up bridge of nose)

5 responses to “My Ally and Gargano book is in the mail!

  1. Sweet tell me how it is. I saw Art & Copy and enjoyed it because since I have a Finance Degree I have zero clue about the history of Advertising. Hell I didn’t even know who Alex Bogusky or Lee Clow were until last March.

    I need to see the A&C credits again. I listened to a great podcast from either NPR, BBC or Economist that had the daughter of one of the greats talks about her poor Dad who’s partner became more famous than him by stealing all his ideas. I swear it was someone from that movie.

  2. It was George Lois’ partner Julian Koenig.

  3. Vinny,
    Carl Ally came to London to give a talk in the very early 70s,
    The whole thing was magnificent. He spoke about my favorite
    (and one of yours) – “For years Avis …”
    One expensive book I’ve got to own.

  4. If you’re excited about this book, don’t read Dave Trott’s blog for a few days.

  5. i would love to have met Carl Ally Ciaran. i know some people who worked for him. he sounds like Walther Matthau meets clint eastwood.

    just read it guy. i guess anything that long in the works is going to lose something in spontaneity. and it was written by an art director. WRITTEN by one. what could go wrong.

    still looking forward to my copy if only to have a carl ally compendium.

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