The World Trade Center

I used to live in NYC.

And when ever visitors would come to town i’d invariably take them up the Empire State building and to the viewing deck of the WTC.

They had pictures of this guy on the wall of the viewing deck.

So I assumed, not unreasonably i thought, that his wire walk between the towers was some kind of promotional stunt. Boy was i wrong!

Been too busy to blog lately. Sorry reader!

This is a brilliant doc btw. MAN ON WIRE.

3 responses to “The World Trade Center

  1. I went to Ground Zero on Saturday.

    It was pretty intense, especially around the area where the planned Muslim Centre’s going to be. There people in the streets having pretty heated arguments about the whole thing. Not much press there, though – I guess the government didn’t want the protests to outshine the whole meaning of the day.

  2. i bet it was intense. but you know what bothers me, it’s been nine years. build something there already!

  3. I know. I was talking to a born and bred Noo-Yoiker and they were saying that there are something like 3 different groups in charge of the re-building of Ground Zero: the guy who owns the actual land the towers were on, New York State and New York City Council and all they do is argue.

    It all sounded like political bullshit, which is hugely disrespectful to the victims and their relatives.

    If it was just left to New Yorkers, they’d have something up in no time, I bet.

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