I guess this is an ad

got this via the wonderful and lovely Robert Popper on the Twitter.  very strange.

5 responses to “I guess this is an ad

  1. Would you judge me harshly if I admited I quite enjoyed this. I may or may not have bopped along… except for around 2.56 when I went WTF?

  2. I want to meet this guy, but I do not want to be stuck alone with him. Amazing. Terrifying.

  3. This is beautiful on so many levels.
    Some of the scenes, including fondling of the horse’s balls, are shot in Budapest. The horse is part of this guy’s statue: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andr%C3%A1s_Hadik
    A rub of the brass equine’s testicles is supposed to bring you good luck.

  4. annie, i too enjoyed it. its’ fucking crazy!

    voroan, i think this guy is actually wanted for quackery and general charlatanism.

    and balazs, yes he is currently in hungary. did not know that about the testicle-rubbing thing. though most of the horses i’ve fondled tended to enjoy that. lovely town budapest. spent a very happy summer weekend there a few years back. how did you come across my humble blog?

  5. Leave it to my ancestors to have a horse statue with a tradition to rub its testicles for good luck. Glad I am only 1/4 Hungarian I only have to rub 1/4 then?

    I thought it was just a weird pervert thing he was doing LOL

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