Social chewing gum. A brilliant idea

Recently i’ve noticed that we at the pod and others have these lying around.

It’s a big old plastic tub filled with chewing gum. Enough for everybody!

You know how chewing gum used to be a “personal supply” thing”

Well no more! Now it’s like a “fun” snack for eveyone to dip into.

Somebody figured out a fundamental way to sell more chewing gum.

My hat, if i had one, is off to you sir/madam!

You are a genius.

3 responses to “Social chewing gum. A brilliant idea

  1. Hi Vinnie,

    This guy in North, North, North London has also figured out a way to make gum more sociable:

    Ben's chewing gum art - Dscn3701

    I took a trip up to see the street he “paints” on and it’s pretty spectacular, I have to say. Unfortunately the council blast most of them off, the miserable buggers.

  2. Hi, have you seen this?
    Recycled chewing gum turned into chewing gum bins.
    Part of me thinks ‘what a great idea,’ and part of me thinks ‘that’s one factory visit I don’t want to go on!’

  3. Used to get that big box of Bazooka with the Bazooka Joe comics.

    But what about Hygiene issues? No double dipping right?

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