My 8,000th tweet

It was this: This is my 8,000th tweet. wow. i clearly love all you people more than i thought.

Twitter is now part of my nervous system.

I blogged ages ago that Twitter was like smoking. Oh boy was I right!

Tweeting is a nervous habit like smoking. It’s a little burst of “something”. just like smoking was for me years ago. a constant drip of something that felt vaguely good and gave me some energy.

“Tweeting or non-tweeting?”

5 responses to “My 8,000th tweet

  1. Blimey, 8,000? You might have a problem, Vinny.

  2. ha. i enjoy it vic. it’s cathartic and distracting. which can come in handy when banging one’s head against the wall!

  3. I missed it. I was driving back from Jersey in traffic and heavy rain with music blasting and the wipers on full speed.

    Grats! It’s a big moment. 9,000 just around the corner!

  4. don’t know much about Twitter but…

    you count tweets?
    (I mean there’s a tweet counter and you check it?)


  5. oh yes. it dates you. the original OG tweeters from five years ago have 20K tweets racked up by now.

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