Look to the next generation

i think that anyone who thinks the Internet is cool is by definition…OLD!

I include myself in this demographic. Unless you grew up with, and consequently effortlessly internalized the Internet, you don’t quite get it daddyo!

I see my kids and how they interact with the internet. and they don’t use like I/We do. to them it’s just something that’s always been there. a utility.

That isn’t to say they don’t use it a lot but i have noticed that they have a sense of proportion about it that can be lacking in the older generation still addled by the newness of the medium.

They have no problem with the separation of online/offline identities. They understand the rules. And they know how to cheat the rules.

They love watching video. Film/video is their first love. They just wish they could watch youtube vids on the TV. internet/tv Convergence! Hello! Come on down!

this is the generation that feels a need for this whereas we sort of thought it was generally very probably a very good idea. At some point! Just not now.

but you know what else, they’re just like us.

They’re human.

And us humans are programmed by very old code that can’t be over-ridden even by Google.


4 responses to “Look to the next generation

  1. All true, Vinny.
    We put too much accent on the disparities between generations and pay little to no attention to the intersection. Unless we start giving birth to robots or plastic toys, humanity, with all its sometimes devastating, but many times wonderful weaknesses, remains the most powerful characteristic of ALL generations.

  2. “There may be changes in our society … you are not appealing to society … you are appealing to individuals, each with her own ego, each with the dignity of her own being, each a separate miracle … societal appeals are merely fashionable … which make nice garments for the real motivations that stem from the unchanging instincts and emotions of people … unchanging man.”
    Bill Bernbach

  3. What is the Internet? Is it related to the Twitter and the Abacus?

    Do you see the South Park episode on Internet Addiction? Its a must see even if it is a bit overly raunchy, even for South Park.

  4. anca, i agree. the internet doesn’t change who we are.

    ciaran, that is my favorite BB quote. love the book of BB quotes they give to all DDB employees. stole a bunch before i left!

    howie, i shall check it out. South Park is sacred!

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