This is a useful video if you want to be creative

It’s a talk about John Cleese gave in Belgium. it’s really good. he is 100% right.

I met John Cleese once. I was flying from NY to LA. I had upgraded myself to first class because i was feeling a bit sorry for myself. So i went through the first class security scanner. As I was about to go through the scanner i heard a familiar English voice say “Bloody hell. here we go again!”

It was the voice of Basil Fawlty from Fawlty Towers.

without looking back to see i agreed with the voice and uttered sympathetic noises. and briefly glanced back. it was Basil Fawlty! it was john cleese flying back to California where he lives.

John Cleese is seriously tall. Like basketballer tall. 6 foot 6 easy.

For a brief moment i was torn between being the gushing Python fanboy and a fellow traveler. but thought better of that.

We actually bantered a bit. it took a while. he really was like Basil Fawlty. constant disbelief at how bad things were going.

the funny part was that he, of all people, was pulled aside by security for extra special screening.

our parting exchange was based on the comedy of his selection by an african-american who clearly had NO idea who he was. and could care less.

“Clearly i am a threat to world peace! I mean just look at me!”. he said that. i laughed and walked on.

and then called everyone i knew.

here he is.

11 responses to “This is a useful video if you want to be creative

  1. The last minute and a half was especially enlightening for me.

  2. You left me at “I had upgraded myself …”.

  3. The ‘blind spot’ notion is quite an intriguing thought and would explain much!

  4. You met John Cleese?!? Did he tell you not to mention the war?

  5. Um, no Nico. i had already mentioned the war at this point ;-)

  6. It’s my understanding that John Cleese made the majority of his fortune in self-help materials and industrial film and video production, having had a transformative experience with therapy and a lot of knowledge on the production side. This video, while also a gem in its own right, would seem to reinforce that rumor. Albeit, without much actual evidence. Call it confirmation bias.

    I love the safe place idea. You can feel, throughout culture, the growing defensive posture against digital attention saturation. A survival instinct?

  7. yes voroan, JC made a fortune when he sold that company. He also did a TON of commercials in the USA in the 80s and 90s. he really cuts through the clutter does john.

  8. simon,

    i think the blind spot is what makes the world go around! imagine if everyone was plagued by insecurity and a passion for excellence. nothing would get done! ever!

  9. Kind of very nice random upgrade. Very Taoist. Just when you are feeling a bit down and need an upgrade enters John Cleese. Saw the video and he is pretty on the nose.

  10. Cleese is about in touch as a punt from Ronan O’Gara.

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