This is interesting

From a gentler less hurried time when people took time to think. and wore ties. lovely!

Design story: The Decanter from Landor Associates on Vimeo.

4 responses to “This is interesting

  1. absolutely lovely! but it seems even back then they had to test all of their designs through focus groups.

  2. You could tell who the really creative people were because they smoked pipes and wore bow ties.

  3. Awesome soundtrack. Loved all the smoking. I worked for a company that made things that didn’t exist yet for 5 years. That is what I sold. We always had to go from sketches to drawings to 3-D CAD to test units to final product. A sister company in the LA area that I had a cubicle to work from when needed was a bigger firm that sold things that did exist. They were demo-ed this very slick modeling device. You fed in the 3-D CAD and it created a 3-D model using a composite of corn starch. Wouldn’t help for something made of glass (aside from the shape etc) but amazing for pumping out solid objects.

  4. yes dave, bowties and pipes were the ironic t shirt and converse of their day clearly!

    i can’t imagine living in that world howie. selling the future would drive me mad. selling the present is hard enough!

    vik, the trick is to be one whose work never gets tested because it just makes so much bloody sense!

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