Lots of people in business talk about the importance of “going with you gut”. But what does that mean?

Most people don’t have jobs where “their gut” matters. Creativity isn’t an explicit part of their jobs.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have to trust their gut. we all do. every day.

I have a theory that everyone’s gut is as developed as everyone else’s. it’s just that the ones that choose to listen to their gut actually have guts.

It takes a lot of courage to listen to the voices in your head.

And that’s what going with your gut means. listening to the inner voices.

Every ounce of your life experience is being summoned. You have a big decision to make. The facts are the facts. Or not. But it comes down to one decision. Now!

What’s it going to be?

What does you gut tell you? And how much do you trust it?

I remember a great instance of going totally by my gut.

I was shooting the above spot in Brooklyn, NYC. The only word in the script was “JOEY”. That was our joke. A very thin joke admittedly. But we were riding a very long tail of ads here. Everybody knew our ads. So we could take liberties. And we did. Why not.

On the day of this particular shoot, about an hour into it, I decided that repeating ” JOEY” over and over just wasn’t funny. And it just fucking wasn’t.

don’t ask me why. It sounded awful. And annoying. I had to make it stop.

But everyone had agreed on “JOEY!” So the temptation to plough on regardless was strong. We were an hour plus into the shoot. The script only had one word in it.

But my gut said “STOP. Joey isn’t funny. Do something else!”

So after some conflabbing, we agreed to change “JOEY!” to “JERRY!”

And for some reason that was funny.

I vowed to stop doing ultra-thin jokes after this.

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  1. (Wheat) Thin?

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