How to have ideas on demand. Like now!

Sometimes creativity and the act of coming up with ideas gets a little overdramatized. You know where people are always pacing around anxiously and chewing pencils. Like it’s some titanic struggle.

it’s not. and it shouldn’t be.

Another thing that tends to get overplayed is the act of having a GREAT idea. that isn’t really that hard either. it’s not EASY. But neither is it hard as it’s made out to be if you know what you’re doing.

but the first step in having great ideas regularly is, alas, a toughie.

you see you first have to spend years and years and years doing absolutely nothing but trying to have great ideas. and ideally having a few along the way.

it’s the same thing that makes a great bricklayer a great bricklayer: repetitive practice.

there are no short cuts.

but once you have the experience bit down the ideas tend to come a lot faster. and you’re more discerning.

so it all tends to go a bit quicker after a while. but it’s quite a long while.

sorry if the headline was a bit misleading.

no quick fix here!


6 responses to “How to have ideas on demand. Like now!

  1. I think we are have great ideas all the time. So it is kind of poppycock the over dramatization. It comes natural. The question is how many of us are cognizant of random ideas we have that are great that come from the natural flow of things. And how many are able to have them when they try.

    I will use the Spork as a great example. Did the Spork come about because someone was really wishing for the 2 in 1 utensil because of some experience where it was a solution and then they decided to design and sell it? This was my first example.

    Or did a company ask some people here was the problem. We don’t want to have to make forks and spoons, it adds to our costs and it adds up. Thus having during a brain storm session the Spork. My second example. And this one makes people stress because often there is time limits, money at stake, maybe a job at stake or more.

    Its funny now that I know your voice your blog talks to me in your voice LOL

  2. yes howie we all can have great ideas. but the trick is having disciplined your mind to recognize a good idea, ie a good solution, when you see one.

    and that comes from understanding the problem first. and that’s the bits the amateurs like to skip. because it’s boring.

    but it’s the bit the pros obsess about. what’s the problem?

  3. I like Marcello de Serpa’s saying:

    “Quality comes from quantity.”

    strongly agree. it’s the only way. the rest is pure luck. and who wants to count on luck?

  4. What I learned from John Webster is “It ain’t who says it, it’s who spots it.”
    As Bill Bernbach used to say “It’s my job to go through Helmut Krone’s wastepaper basket at night.”

  5. howie, your spork example is good. “we need to cut down on plastic utensil costs!”….um…spork! And yes, necessity IS the mother of invention. look at the shit prisoners come up with!

    riki, i will hear nothing bad about the chairman of the cannes jury that gave us the grand prix. clearly a brazilian god! he’s always right ;-)

    yes dave. spotting it is the real talent isn’t it. no slouch yourself in that department!

  6. Sometimes it’s a struggle and sometimes it comes in the very first second you see the brand/product. That’s how it works for me anyway. If someone could’ve put it into a formula or equation I’m sure Bill wouldn’t have had to go through Helmut’s wastepaper basket every night. Like Vinny said, the more you do it the better you get at it. I think the secret is to always have fun while doing it.

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